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Workout Plans and Nutritional Supplements in Reston, Virginia

Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness

Tiger Woods and many other golf professionals are using Pilates to help them avoid sport related injuries. Playing golf requires strong glutes, hamstrings, core muscles, and an understanding of the mind/body relationship. Our golf workouts include cardio, upper body, and lower body exercises, so clients are working out every part of their body.


Pilates Strength Training

At Express Pilates, we teach safety and mind/body coordination in our Pilates classes. The in-home gym in which our classes are taught has a calming and relaxed atmosphere, and clients have no need to be self-conscious and compete with anyone except themselves. The trainers always take the time to address every participant and teach them how to push themselves further.

Strength Training


By utilizing the Isagenix line of nutritional supplements and the guidance of our expert instructors, clients can experience an increase in energy, a better mood, and lose weight! In fact, you can lose 7-15 lbs. in as little as 11 days with their excellent detox plans. Feel younger, sleep better, and perform at a higher level with the help of Express Pilates and Isagenix! 

About Express Pilates

Express Pilates specializes in fitness training, mind and body coordination, cardio exercises, and nutritional coaching through Isagenix products. The company has built up an excellent reputation in and around Reston, Virginia for the thoroughness of our regimes and the personal attention we afford to every client. Our pricing structure is fair and affordable and keeps us ahead of our competitors, and all the exercises and sessions take place in a calm, relaxing environment.

Our company is certified by the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute), and holds a Lagree Fitness certification, and our employees are all fully qualified. At Express Pilates, we get results, our programs are challenging on every level, and we are focused on nutritional values. We also emphasize safety at all times.

  • Constant Correction
  • Safety
  • Challenging On Every Level
  • Gets Results
  • Nutrition
  • And More ...

Nutrition and Health Coaching

At Express Pilates, we offer first class nutritional coaching combined with a variety of nutritional supplements from the Isagenix line. The products we keep in stock were developed by scientists and made to increase the consumer’s quality of life. Among the products we offer are supplements, protein shakes, protein bars, whole body cleanse products, skin care products, and energy supplements. We always go out of our way to help clients determine what they need to focus on and what products will be the most beneficial.

The whole body cleanse procedure is especially valuable and beneficial as it does not just focus on cleansing the colon and does not have some of the side effects most people associate with a cleanse. By participating in the nutritional consultation, we offer here at Express Pilates, along with regular classes, clients will see a big change in the way they live and feel an equally big change in the way their body works.

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