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Golf Fitness and Workout Programs in Reston, Virginia

The fitness instructors at Express Pilates are highly knowledgeable about the link between Pilates exercise and the fitness and strength required to play the game of golf. Players such as Tiger Woods use Pilates to help them avoid sports-related injuries and build up muscle strength.

Our golf workouts are extremely popular, and the classes are very personal, consisting of no more than seven participants at any one time. That comforting and cozy atmosphere means our Pilates instructors can pay close attention to the needs of every participant.

Golf requires a good understanding of mind/body coordination, and the golf exercise program we run here helps strengthen the glutes, hamstrings, and core. The exercises here involve much more than typical Pilates. They include cardio, upper body, and lower body exercises, so clients are working out every part of their body.

The workout programs improve posture, teach clients proper breathing techniques, improve balance, and increase muscle strength, all of which are hugely important for a successful golfing career.

Clients who participate in three 55-minute sessions a week can see results within a month. The exercises can see a golfer burn up between 600 and 700 calories in one intensive session, so they are ideal for golfers who need to lose a few extra pounds. We offer private one-on-one session if requested as well as nutritional counselling.

At Express Pilates we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our golf fitness workouts and the results we have achieved with our clients so far. The price structure we operate offers excellent value, and the company is TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Reston, Virginia, and want to improve your golf fitness then the classes we offer here are a must. So give Express Pilates a call today on (703) 570-5397 and watch your game improve.

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