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Fitness Instructor and Exercise Programs in Reston, Virginia

At Express Pilates, we have built up an excellent reputation for the Pilates instruction classes we hold at our premises in Reston, Virginia. Our in-home gym is calm and relaxing, participants benefit from personal attention by our fitness instructors, and the workouts achieve results.

We also operate an affordable and competitive pricing structure for new clients. Although we are based in Reston, we attract customers from the nearby towns and cities including Vienna, Sterling, and Great Falls.

Our Pilates sessions teach participants about safety and mind/body coordination. We have seven reformer machines at our gym, and we chose them because of the techniques associated with them which we feel are safe and promote the use of slow, controlled movements. In this way, clients get an excellent all-over workout without the risk of causing long-term damage to their bodies or injuring themselves.

Our fitness instructors and health coach enjoy the intimate atmosphere of our studio. Clients have no need to be self-conscious or compete with anyone except themselves, and everything is laid on including towels, machines, water, and Pilates apparel. Customers attending classes always receive ionized, electrolyzed, alkaline water.

Throughout the class, the trainers and instructors take the time to address every participant and teach them how to push themselves further and improve their form. Express Pilates is an excellent place for people to improve their mind/body connection because of the welcoming, Calming atmosphere, and the whole body workouts.

Pilates involves high-intensity workouts, but the results are worth the effort. So if you live in or near Reston why not call Express Pilates on (703) 570-5397 and join our exercise sessions.


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