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Strength Training

Full Body Workout and Health Coaching in Reston, Virginia

Strength training exercises are a major part of the service we provide here at Express Pilates, and we have fully qualified instructors on hand to supervise all workouts. The sessions are exciting and challenging and highly effective.

We are a fully licensed company certified by the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute), and our health coach and fitness instructors are all experienced and professional. One of the beauties of our classes is that they are held in an in-home gym with only a small number of participants, allowing for one-to-one encouragement and attention.

The techniques we incorporate into every one of our sessions are perfect for strength training and increasing athletic ability, regardless of the sport the participant is involved with. The workouts involve slow, controlled movements that break down muscle fibers quickly. These fibers then use calories to repair themselves.

Unlike some strength training that causes the muscles and the client to bulk up, these exercises were developed to cause the muscle to elongate while it heals itself. In this way, the muscle continues to get stronger, but the clients maintain and extend their range of motion without causing them to bulk.

The workout programs run by our specialist fitness instructors also include a strong focus on safety and teach clients how to build up defensive muscles so they can avoid future injuries. This can help people improve strength and increase performance regardless of their goal.

Pilates training exercises are now a recognized and accepted means of helping athletes to build up strength in a way that causes them no damage or injury, and we have some of the best instructors and coaches at our in-home gym.

If you want to join our classes then don’t delay – call Express Pilates on (703) 570-5397 today. The results will surprise you.

Strength Training

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